Larissa TR90 Magnetic Snap-on Set Glasses


Larissa is a  beutifual magnetic snap-on set features stylish rectangle glasses and a seamless polarized sunshade. For 2-in-1 glasses and sunglasses, the sunshade attaches easily at the corners with small magnets. Larissa is a wonderful and fashionable eyewear as well as a sunglass for your various looks.

Note: If your glasses prescription is higher than 6.00, you will need to wait an additional week to receive your glasses.



Rim:Full Rim

Shape:Rectangle/Cat Eye/Butterfly

Materials:TR90 Plastic

Frame Weight: 22.4g

Spring Hinge: Yes

  • TR90 Construction:

Larissa Eyewear is constructed with TR90, a premium material known for its durability and flexibility. The TR90 frame ensures that your glasses are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear. This material is also resistant to impact, making Larissa Eyewear a long-lasting accessory. With its exceptional flexibility, TR90 allows for a customized and secure fit, ensuring optimal comfort and style.

  • Magnetic Snap-On Set:

The defining feature of Larissa Eyewear is its Magnetic Snap-On Set design. This innovative concept allows you to easily switch between ordinary glasses and sun lenses with a simple magnetic attachment. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, Larissa Eyewear adapts effortlessly to your needs. The magnetic snap-on feature ensures a strong and reliable connection, keeping the lenses securely in place while providing ease of use.

  • Two Captivating Color Options:

Larissa Eyewear offers you a choice between two captivating color options: classic black and stylish leopard print. Both colors are versatile and timeless, allowing you to express your personal style. The legs and frame are carefully matched in color, creating a harmonious and fashionable look that complements any outfit or occasion.

  • Stable Saddle Nose Rest:

Experience exceptional comfort with Larissa Eyewear’s stable saddle nose rest. This feature ensures a secure and stable fit, allowing you to wear your glasses comfortably all day long. The saddle design reduces pressure on the nose and enhances the overall comfort and wearability of the glasses. With Larissa Eyewear, you can enjoy a secure fit without compromising on style.

Larissa Eyewear is the epitome of versatility, functionality, and style. With its TR90 construction, magnetic snap-on set design, captivating color options, and stable saddle nose rest, these glasses are the perfect companion for any occasion. Switch effortlessly between ordinary and sun lenses and enjoy the convenience of a single pair of glasses that adapts to your needs. Embrace the practicality and fashion-forward design of Larissa Eyewear and elevate your eyewear experience to new heights.

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Black, Leopard


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