Holiday Plastic Colorblock Hipster Cat Eye Glasses


Holiday will give you a fresh look that will change the stereotypical experience of everyday life, and you’ll say enjoy life with Holiday and be energized. Made of lightweight thermoplastic to ensure all-day comfort and unparalleled style.

Note: If your glasses prescription is higher than 6.00, you will need to wait an additional week to receive your glasses.



Rim:Full Rim



Frame Weight: 41.4g

Spring Hinge: No

  • Polycarbonate Construction:

Holiday Eyewear is expertly constructed from high-quality polycarbonate material. This choice ensures that your glasses are not only lightweight but also resistant to impact and everyday wear. The polycarbonate frame offers durability and longevity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking eyewear that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

  • Thick-Framed Cat Glasses Frame:

Make a bold fashion statement with the thick-framed cat glasses frame of Holiday Eyewear. This iconic frame style exudes retro charm while adding a touch of sophistication to your look. The pronounced angles and cat-eye shape beautifully frame your eyes, enhancing your facial features and exuding an air of confidence and allure.

  • Contrasting Highlight on the Wings:

The wings of the Holiday frame are designed to stand out with their contrasting colors, adding an element of fun and vibrancy. This eye-catching detail sets Holiday apart from the crowd and allows you to showcase your unique style. Whether you choose a subtle contrast or a bold combination, the contrasting highlight adds an extra touch of personality to your eyewear.

  • Variety of Colors to Choose From:

Express your individuality with a wide range of color options available for Holiday Eyewear. From classic hues to vibrant shades, there’s a color to suit every taste and style. Whether you prefer timeless black, sophisticated tortoiseshell, or playful pops of color, Holiday offers a diverse palette to match your mood and outfit.

  • Frame and Temples in the Same Color:

Holiday Eyewear features frame and temples in the same color, creating a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic. This design choice adds a sense of unity and balance to the overall look, allowing the color to take center stage. The coordinated color scheme enhances the impact of your eyewear, making a stylish statement with every wear.

  • Stable Saddle Nose Rest:

Holiday Eyewear incorporates a stable saddle nose rest for optimal comfort and fit. The nose rest ensures that your glasses stay securely in place throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy your activities with confidence. The stable design provides a snug fit without compromising on comfort, ensuring a seamless eyewear experience.

Embrace the spirit of fun and fashion with Holiday Eyewear. Its polycarbonate construction, thick-framed cat glasses frame, contrasting highlight on the wings, variety of colors to choose from, frame and temples in the same color, and stable saddle nose rest combine to create an eyewear experience that is both playful and stylish. Make every day a holiday with your eyewear choice and showcase your unique sense of fashion.

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Black, Black Leopard, Black White, Red Leopard


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