Face shape

Hi! Have you already found the right eyeglasses? Maybe now is a good time for you to get the glasses that help you emphasize your personal identity more. Not sure where to start? No problem! Alamode helps you find the right frame for you – whether your face is round, square, oval or diamond shaped. Join us! Together we’ll explore your absolute favorite frames.

What is my face shape?


  1. Keep your face uncovered
    Use a hairpin to hold all your hair back to reveal your ears and hairline; it’s best to wear low-cut clothing to avoid the collar of your dress visually altering your face shape.
  2. Look in the mirror or ask someone to take a photo for you.
    What do you see? Usually our face may be heart-shaped, oval, round or even square. But how can you be absolutely sure?Determine your face shape with Alamode.
  3.  Draw out your face

       If you are looking in the mirror, you can use a bar of soap or lipstick (or an erasable pen) and trace the outline of your face. If you have a photo, you can use a pen to trace the outline of your face in the photo.

  4. Match your face shape 
    When you have done these steps, look carefully at the shape you have just drawn. Think about the difference between what you see and the common face shape.

Round face is a face shape that is close to a round shape.
Square faces are close to a square, and most people have a wide jaw with a pronounced jawline.
Oval face, the forehead is only a little wider than the chin, but the cheekbones are the widest part of the face and the face is longer than it is wide.
Diamond face with wide cheekbones, pointed forehead and chin, forming a regular diamond shape

face shape photo

5. Choose your eyewear
Now that you finally know your face shape, let’s move on to choosing the right frame for you. We have
prepared a large variety of styles to refresh your look.