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Alamode is an affordable online prescription glasses brand that doesn’t require insurance to afford. Offering stylish eyewear with guaranteed quality, it was founded by MOMO, an international student from Hong Kong who studied in the US, and her partners.

In 2020 MOMO, who was studying in the United States, discovered that her prescription glasses were broken and she could no longer wear it and needed to purchase new glasses. However, MOMO’s student health insurance does not cover prescription glasses. For MOMO without prescription insurance, it is very expensive to configure a pair of nearsighted glasses with 800 degrees of myopia and 1.75 diopters of astigmatism. MOMO  searched for different prescription options and stores that can save her money on prescription glasses. But it still cost more than she budgeted to complete her optometry and prescription. It was not a pleasant shopping experience for an international student without prescription insurance. The price was too high, the three weeks long wait, the inability to choose beautiful and unique frames on a limited budget, the very heavy myopic lenses and the fatigue of wearing them. Such a failed shopping experience also troubled MOMO’s friends. Maybe there is an easier and cheaper way to get a nice and unique pair of glasses in the US? MOMO and her friends decided to take action for affordable eyeglasses without medical insurance, for a faster and easier prescription process, for quality frames with a sense of design, and for partners with high myopia who don’t need to wear bulky glasses.

In 2022, MOMO and her partner founded Alamode, which, like the original intention of these girls, focuses on every partner who needs a pair of affordable, guaranteed quality and fashionable eyewear!

Alamode offers the best choice for every partner who is looking for fashionable and affordable eyewear! Join us Alamoders, tell our needs, show our unique style, and shape our most charming self with Alamode!

Choose Alamode, Choose Surprise

Simple ordering

Ordering a pair of eyeglasses of your choice at Alamode is not complicated, it’s very simple! As long as you know your own prescription, you will be able to customize your prescription eyewear directly at Alamode. Pick the frames you like, you can even upload your own photo for a virtual try on (we make sure we don’t give out and use your information), choose your appropriate lenses, pay for your order, Alamode will send you your order details by email, and then you just have to wait for your glasses to arrive!

High quality eyewear
at beautiful prices

Alamode is committed to providing high quality eyewear at affordable prices to every partner. Alamode has a wide range of frames in acetate, aluminum, plastic, titanium, etc. We have high index lenses (up to 1.74) to meet the needs of thin and light lenses. We are proud of the fact that each of our lenses has an anti-blue light coating, which effectively blocks blue light from harming your glasses.

A variety of
trendy frames

Finding a wide selection of frames in many shapes and colors is easy at Alamode! No matter what look you are going for or what style you like, Alamode can help! Stylish, retro, oversized frames, tortoise, shiny metallic, cat eye, rectangular etc. Take action and pick your glasses at Alamode.

Lighter and thinner eyeglasses for high myopia

Alamode understands the pain of highly myopic partners with glasses that are too thick and heavy and ugly with limited frame options. At Alamode, we care more about your feelings! We have carefully selected lightweight and stylish frames for high myopia lenses with Alamode 1.74 index eyeglass lenses. Please choose Alamode and give you a new experience.