Eyeglass Lenses

Many people buy prescription eyeglass lenses to correct vision problems, and others will buy eyeglass lenses to protect their eyes. However, today there are also people who purchase eyeglasses for decorative or fashion reasons. These glasses often do not have a prescription and are just for decoration. All of Alamode’s eyeglass lenses can be coated for a variety of functions. For example, lenses with a blue light blocking coating are designed to protect the eyes from harmful blue light coming from computers, cell phones and many other mobile devices. Anti-scratch coatings help us to better protect the lenses, reduce scratches, maintain clarity and extend the life of the lenses. Alamode offers both prescription and non-prescription eyeglass lenses.

Sunglasses Lenses

High quality sunglass lenses filter light bands and rays that are harmful to the eyes and keep our eyes free from discomfort and eye strain. There are many types of sunglass lenses, and Alamode offers tinted, gradient, mirrored and polarized sunglass lenses that we believe can help you maximize your vision. We offer both prescription and non-prescription sunglass lenses.

Lens index

Pick your appropriate lens index based on your eyeglass prescription. In general, the stronger your prescription, the thicker your lenses will be. But different lens indices make different thicknesses of glasses for the same prescription, the higher the lens index, the thinner your lenses will be. We have 3 types of lens indices that will cover your everyday eyeglass prescription needs. The following lens index guide will help you choose the right lens thickness.

1.61 High Index – Thin

Made of MR-8, these hard resin lenses are our most tough and durable option Up to 35% thinner and 40% lighter than the standard lenses. We recommend these 1.6-index lenses for SPH corrections from +4.00 to -4.00, and CYL corrections from +3.00 to -3.00. 100% UV protection.

1.67 High Index - Super Thin

These lightweight and thin lenses are ideal for stronger prescription, and are Up to 45% thinner and 45% lighter than the standard lenses. They work perfectly in rimless and semi rimless frames. We recommend them for SPH corrections from +8.00 to -8.00, and CYL corrections from +4.00 to -4.00. 100% UV protection. Based on the feature, quality and price, it is strongly recommended to use.

1.74 High Index - Ultra Thin

These are the thinnest and lightest plastic lenses we carry, and can be up to 60% thinner than the standard lenses. They are definitely the 1st choice for very strong prescriptions. As refractive lenses, they’re recommended for prescriptions with SPH corrections from +10.00 to -14.00 or above, and CYL corrections from +6.00 to -6.00. 100% UV protection.


Our high quality lenses contain coatings with different features to meet your needs.


Plastic lenses are usually lighter and more comfortable than glass lenses, but they’re also easier to have abrasions and scratches. Even with our anti-scratch coating, it doesn’t mean that your lenses will not scratch at all. Please remember that even the best anti-scratch coating can’t 100% protect your lenses from wear and tear. To prolong lens life, please put them in your case when not in use, and clean your lenses regularly with our FREE cleaning cloth.

UV Protection

Not only does our skin needs sunscreen, our eyes also require protection from sun exposure. Harmful UV radiation may cause age-related eye problems and diseases. The UV protection coating is like the “sunscreen” for our eyes, minimizing the damage from the sun. Professional sunglasses are recommended to use since childhood. We are so proud that ALL Alamode lenses have 100% UV protection built-in.

Blue Light Blocking

Research has shown that prolonged exposure of “High Energy Visible” (HEV) blue light can cause eye strain and blurred vision. Eye diseases including glaucoma, retinal degenerative problems, macular degeneration can be expected during excessive exposure of harmful blue light for a long time. Artificial blue light mainly come from computers, cell phones, LED lights and other digital devices, causing eye fatigue without your notice. We spend almost half of every day using our devices: our computers at work, our TVs at home, and our tablets and smartphones anywhere and everywhere in between. Got one to protect your eyes!


Anti-reflective coating (also known as “anti-glare coating” or AR coating) helps improve vision and reduce eye strain by eliminating reflections from both sides of the lenses. Alamode’s 1.74 lens index high index lenses have an AR coating added because high index lenses reflect more light than standard plastic lenses.