Chloe PC Striking Oversized Designer Square Glasses


Chloe exudes a classic cool. Not only this style also comes in a large size, but also it’s a seamless mix of style and comfort. As you can see, it’s an elegant square frame with a twist of cat-eye. The glossy PC frame features a bold shape and thick, chunky temple arms. The look styles well as both bold glasses and fun sunglasses.

Note: If your glasses prescription is higher than 6.00, you will need to wait an additional week to receive your glasses.





Frame Weight: 28.6g

Spring Hinge: No

  • Premium Polycarbonate Construction:

Chloe Eyewear is meticulously crafted from premium polycarbonate, offering exceptional durability and a lightweight feel. The polycarbonate material ensures a comfortable fit while providing long-lasting resilience. With Chloe, you can confidently showcase your style without compromising on quality.

  • Classic Box Frame:

The classic box frame of Chloe Eyewear adds a touch of timeless elegance to your look. This iconic shape exudes sophistication and complements various face shapes, making it a versatile choice for fashion enthusiasts. The box frame showcases a perfect balance between retro charm and modern sensibility, allowing you to make a statement effortlessly.

  • Captivating Leopard and Tortoiseshell Colors:

Chloe Eyewear is available in captivating leopard and tortoiseshell colors, adding a touch of wild allure to your style. The leopard pattern combines elegance and boldness, while the tortoiseshell pattern offers a warm and rich aesthetic. With these eye-catching colors, Chloe allows you to embrace your unique personality and make a fashionable statement.

  • Tortoiseshell Temples:

The tortoiseshell temples of Chloe Eyewear beautifully complement the frame, adding a touch of sophistication and continuity to the design. The tortoiseshell pattern enhances the vintage appeal of the glasses while providing a cohesive and polished look. The combination of the box frame and tortoiseshell temples creates a harmonious balance between classic and contemporary elements.

  • Stable Saddle Nose Rest:

Chloe Eyewear incorporates a stable saddle nose rest, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The nose rest keeps the glasses in place throughout your day, allowing you to go about your activities with confidence. With the stable saddle nose rest, Chloe offers both style and functionality, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable wearing experience.

  • Vintage-Inspired Style:

Chloe Eyewear draws inspiration from vintage aesthetics, infusing your look with a touch of timeless glamour. The combination of the classic box frame, captivating leopard and tortoiseshell colors, tortoiseshell temples, and vintage-inspired style creates an eyewear experience that exudes sophistication and individuality. With Chloe, you can embrace the allure of the past while showcasing your unique sense of style.

Embrace vintage glamour with a modern twist with Chloe Eyewear. Its polycarbonate construction, classic box frame, captivating leopard and tortoiseshell colors, tortoiseshell temples, stable saddle nose rest, and vintage-inspired style create an eyewear experience that effortlessly blends sophistication with contemporary allure. Make a statement that exudes confidence and showcases your individuality with Chloe Eyewear.

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